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How to Do Proper Link Indexing

How Link Indexing Tool Can Help You With Quicker Backlinks Indexing?

Nobody can deny the importance of links indexing in search engines as this is one of the most important steps, however, often SEO experts or website owners fail to get their backlinks indexed positively and quickly and there may be various reasons which you will not be discussed because the main topic of this article is how link indexing tools can help you out if you are going through the same trouble. There are various tools which you can use for this purpose, but if they are not popular and reliable, there is no guarantee if they will work more effectively, so you better choose the one that is tested and trusted. One of the most popular tools you can find here at

Link Processor’s 3-Circle Strategy

Link Processor is a 100% link crawling service which has been doing really great in link indexing and thousands of clients have been benefited with its strategies. The secret of success of this company is its 3-Circle link processing approach which has proven to be really effective. With the help of this process, it is made sure that each created link gains search engine attention and in case there is some problem, the extra juice also pushes to make the process quicker.

Circle # 1

In the first circle, pinging is used numerous times to get the backlinks indexed and all created or essential links are added to RSS feeds and sitemaps and then they are pinged one more time. This technique really works but in most of the cases and if there is a problem in quicker indexing, the next circle is used.

Circle # 2

The company uses a crawling system which is in-house and proven and they use this powerful method to maximize the chances of indexation in search engines. In most of the cases, the method works and you don’t have to go for the third circle but in case there is some problem, the third circle can also be used.

Circle # 3

In the third step, cloud server is used by the system which pushes backlinks. All of the created links are submitted to filter sites such as stats, redirect or whois. The crawlers are invited to visit all those links.

Final Words

The 3-Circle formula used by Link Processor has become very popular these days because of its effectiveness as it guarantees 100% positive and quicker results.